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Your Personal Intention Notebook

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of your intentions - and the gratitudes you experience when they manifest for you - we have created your own online, private Personal Intentions Notebook. It is a free tool designed specifically to help you step into your power and become a Mighty Manifestor. To Sign Up, just fill in the form below. It will register you for your new Personal Intentions Notebook and send you to your login page.

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It is our intention that by receiving all of our Intenders Bridge Messages and by using your new Personal Intention Notebook you will begin to see an even clearer connection between making your intentions and the manifestation of them. This Notebook is now being made available free to Intenders everywhere. What a fun and easy way to empower yourself!

Here's how it all works:

  • For the first 44 days, you will receive a new
    Bridge Message Reminder everyday. At the end of the 44 days, and as you begin to get comfortable with these empowering ideas, your Bridge Messages will continue to come every other day with the recommendation that you visit your Personal Notebook on the "off days."

  • Each Bridge Message after #44 will have a link to login to your Personal Intenders Notebook and you can also Login anytime from this Sign-up page.

  • Once you're logged in, you will see a place to set your intentions for that day. That's where you type your intentions on-screen. This process alone is powerful because it activates the Intention Process.

  • After typing your Intentions on-screen, you'll submit them to your Notebook. The Notebook then stores your intentions into a private database that allows you to access and review them at any time.

  • Your Personal Bridge Notebook allows you to keep a journal of your observations and experiences with your Intentions. Here you can easily review your Intentions and then express your Gratitude for the ones that have manifested for you. When you journal about the Intentions that are manifesting or the Synchronicities that are occurring more often in your life now because of having set your intentions, you'll know, beyond any doubt, that you are truly stepping into your power.

These Bridge Messages have been life transforming for thousands of people and now for the next year you'll have a tool that sharpens your ability to manifest anything you want in your life.

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